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Top of the line solutions to last even the toughest environments and conditions.

Flooring damage happens whether exposure to extreme conditions, high impact, and abuse from heavy equipment but they do not have to stay damaged. They require attention from an experienced and dedicated team. 

American Restore can make a difference in transforming your solid surface flooring.

Delivering a cost-effective solution that will perform in the most challenging environments. 

Tipping Floors and Floor Systems

To combat harsh environments and create a long-lasting product American Restore offers solutions done right and at the right price.

Tipping Floor Applications:

Materials & Services:

  • Tipping Floors
  • Transfer Stations (TS)/Roll-Off Areas
  • Materials Recovery Facilities (MRF) Floors
  • Picking Station Floors
  • Track Wheel Vehicle Areas
  • Equipment Maintenance Facilities
  • Heavy Manufacturing and Processing Floors
  • Towveyer Lines
  • Areas Exposed to Chemical Attack
  • Machine Shop Floors
  • Heavy Equipment Facilities
  • Roll-Off Areas
  • Towveyer Lines
  • Areas Subject to High Impact
  • Areas Subject to Abrasion
  • Heavy Duty Iron Floor Toppings
  • Industrial Floor Repairs
  • Industrial Coatings 
  • High Strength Paving Systems 
  • Epoxy Iron Systems 
  • Scale Deck Overlays
  • Solution Grouting Systems 
  • Port Edge Repairs 
  • Concrete Restoration Specialist 
  • Specialty Flooring Systems
  • Rapid Cure Systems 
  • Pressure Grouting (All Types)
  • Epoxy Injection System
  • Forensic Investigation 
  • Floor Topping, Coating & Bonded Overlays
  • Primary & Secondary Containment Systems 
  • Below Grade Waterproofing (Injection Chemical Method. No Excavation Required)
  • Waterproofing (All Types)
  • Deck Coating Systems 
  • Underlayment
  • Shortlisting, Milling, Grinding & Polishing 

Flooring System Features:

  • Expert Installation
  • Unparalleled Durability
  • Superior Impact Resistant
  • Extreme Abrasion Resistance
  • Minimal Disruption and Downtime Installation
  • Lasts Significantly Longer than Concrete
  • Lower Life-cycle Costs and Extends Service Life
  • Ease of Installation

The solution to concrete repair and flooring projects.

With extensive experience of safely and successfully completing hundreds of projects.

American Restore

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